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Trauma Insurance – Breast Cancer

Most women in this day and age are well aware of the dangers posed to them by breast cancer including the emotional and potential financial trauma caused as a result. Breast cancer is the most common evasive cancer diagnosed in females in Australia affecting some 13,000 ¹ females per year. It is also the leading cause of cancer related deaths and one in nine women will be diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 85.

A few other sobering thoughts are;
• Every day currently 36 women in Australia are diagnosed with breast cancer.
• By 2015 the number of new breast cancer cases amongst women is projected to be 22% higher than in 2008.
• Medical re-constructive costs and post operative costs can be expensive, up to $80,000 in some cases.
• Even if your are fortunate to have private health insurance the gap between the treatment and ongoing care can mean out of pocket expenses can run into many thousands of dollars, up to $20,000 in some instances.
(The National Breast Cancer Centre (NBCC) reported in a recent survey of their members that this was true for 40% of cases’’)
• The indirect costs including the time set aside for diagnosis, treatment and recovery from illness can also drain your family finances. Aggressive treatment plans, such as chemotherapy can mean that patients are unable to carry on with their jobs or household duties. Given the rise in modern lifestyle and living costs this can severely impact on your lifestyle and that of your family.

In response to this growing problem AIA Australia has expanded its Cancer definition under their Crisis Recovery (Trauma) product to ensure females are covered when they need it most. We realise that nothing can compensate for the emotional trauma involved but what we can do is provide some peace of mind knowing that whatever treatment is required can be undertaken without having to worry about the financial burden to yourself, family and others all of whom all care about you.

Any woman who has found a lump in their breast would understand the stress and uncertainty associated with this confronting experience, and having to wait until it turns cancerous before a full payment can be made can make this worse. That is why AIA Australia now pays a full benefit if the client is diagnosed with pre-cancerous cells2 that results in the full removal of the breast, or where a lump is removed from the breast ( lumpectomy) and is followed by radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Why consider Crisis Recovery cover offered by AIA Australia?
Now for the key benefits
• They provide a unique extended coverage not provided by other insurers.
• They will pay up to $2,000,000 after an appropriate diagnosis, which can help pay off the mortgage, pay medical bills, compensate you for time off work and meet the myriad of other financial stresses that inevitably arise.
• It is available to anyone aged between 15 and 63 and covers you 24/7 anywhere in the world.
• AIA Australia is backed by the vast experience and solid finances of one of the oldest and largest Asian life insurers. They are here for the long haul and will not let you down.

This is fantastic news giving you peace of mind should you ever need treatment.

Call us today on 07 3806 5222 to see how AIA Australia’s Crisis Recovery Insurance product can better protect you and your family.

2 Diagnosed as carcinoma in situ

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