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A lump on her Breast confirmed Susan’s worst fears

A single mother of two, Susan had read about Trauma Cover in a newspaper article and decided to look into it further.

“I was 41, had a good job and was in reasonable health, but worried what would happen to myself and the children if anything serious happened to me”, says Susan. She opted to take out Trauma Cover “just in case”.

Six months later, her worst fears were realized. A lump in Susan’s breast was found to be cancerous.

Months of chemotherapy followed, forcing her to take time off work and pay mounting medical bills.

“I’m OK now, but I don’t know how I’d have coped without the payout. It took the financial stress out of one of the most traumatic periods of my life.”

To assist in easing the financial burden in the case of this or another traumatic event, we suggest Trauma Insurance. To find out more about Trauma Insurance or if you require a quote, please contact us or fill out the “Get a Quote Today” enquiry form on our website.

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